DJ Cza Directs


One third of Stylustiks, DJ Cza has taken up the role as a music video director and he recently produced Kartel Recording artist Sona One’s video to ‘HUH’. Wicked video! Didn’t know he could do more than DJing huh? We spoke to Cza about his new career and a little somethin’ somethin’…

So why take the role of a music video director?
It was purely out of curiosity. I figure there’s no limitation to creativity and video is a new medium I would like to venture into next. I recently bought a video camera and so happens there is a friend of mine that raps, so why not do a video for him. Shout out to Sona One. This kid is going to go far, look him up @ItsSonaOne [on Twitter].

Who’s your favourite music video director and why?
Too many to choose from. Derek Pike, Creative Control, Mills Miller, Little X, Hype Williams and more. I seriously think 13th Witness stepped it up because of his ill photography skill, which gave him the advantages in videography. Hype on the other hand, is just remarkable. He will show up from time to time and make an impact on the music video industry. Always been a fan of his treatments. Belly [the movie] was dope.

Who’s in your creative team?
It’s a small team of 4. A couple of art directors and an editor. It all started as a mamak talk, then everything kind of falls into place after. A big thank you to my team for making this happen. They are practically fam. Pretty lucky to have people that believe in it as much as I do. Blessed.

How does your creative process flow?
The faster you do things, the more you get done and I rather not do it by the book. It’s like splashing cans of paint to a blank canvas and touch up after.

Why did you decide to release ‘Da What (X-Rated Version)’ video?
Why not? Sometimes I feel that we are creatively suppressed. I see it as breaking the silence. That’s why I did ‘Da What’. It’s an expression to create sensation. I don’t preach to it in my conversations. It’s just purely out of love for music.

Stylustiks performed at 8TV’s Showdown 2010 finals. Are you guys making a comeback?
We (DJ Cza, DJ Fuzz and DJ Uno) are definitely plotting for world domination. Hehe. Showdown felt like we were back for the first time and had so much fun making that routine. It was that same feeling when we did Juara Lagu 20 back in the days. We are crafting an album right now and collaborations will be made. Be sure to stay up for that. Shout out to YZ International and The Bumsquaddjz.

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