DJ Bliss: Eyes Up Here, Buddy

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Former Playboy Club Macau resident DJ, DJ Bliss stopped by Kuala Lumpur recently for a private party at The Pulse at Grand Millennium Hotel. JUICE crashed the sultry Australian’s dinner  just before she gets ready to spin her mixes to bombard her with awfully intrusive questions. It was hard to keep our eyes from going astray and keep ourselves from getting distracted by her looks, but we pulled through.

Did it ever get crazy at Macau?
Always, all the time. Macau is like the Vegas of Asia, so you get a lot of tourists and celebrities coming by. Sometimes the club gets really packed with high rollers from the casinos.

What we mean is, do guys get carried away at the Playboy Club?
Oh, definitely. The bunnies are all waitresses, and they’re just supposed to talk to the customers and sell drinks. But people sort of get the idea from TV shows that they’re going to be walking around topless and going home with the men. But it’s not like that.

Damn, so it’s a misconception?

Did you pick up any Chinese while you were there?
When I first got there it was a little overwhelming. But most of the bunnies were from overseas as well, so we got used to it together and we started learning it together. I can say “Level 16” because that’s the level I was living on and I can say my friend’s address.

[mumbles in Chinese]

(Nods as if understands Chinese) Er, okay… which part of Australia are you from?

Ooh, did you manage to catch the Foo Fighters concert?
Ugh, I was supposed to go with my ex-boyfriend.

Well, he was my boyfriend at the time. He was from England, and he had to go back. He couldn’t sort out his visa, so we had to break up in the end. Good thing I got the job in Macau, it was a great distraction. If I had broken up and been at home, I would’ve been more miserable but it ended up being really exciting with my job at the Playboy Club.

But guys must be just throwing themselves at you.
Not really, men are sort of intimidated by me. A lot of guys feel the need to be the superior one, or the macho guy making more money, but when a girl is in that position, they kind of get intimidated. It’s easier for me to meet guys when I’m not DJ Bliss. When I’m just Rowena.

If the roles were reversed, I would be pretty intimidated too, and if I was attracted to a man DJ, I wouldn’t just go up and be like “Hey” and start chatting up the DJ. Actually, maybe I would, depending if I had a lot to drink.

Do you feel like you’re using your sexuality to promote yourself as a DJ?
I try not to, but it’s sort of the image you’re given as a girl DJ. I try to prove that I’m a good DJ with my mixes first. You don’t want to be put in the stereotype, that you’re just getting gigs because of your looks. So I always prove that I play good music before anything else.

You do want to put an image out of what sort of DJ you are and what sort of vibe you want to bring. When I did my first photo shoot, I was still finding myself as a DJ and my photos came off a little shy, timid and bland. And then I was like, “no, that’s not me” so for the next photo shoot I made sure it captured the sexy, edgy side that I bring with my music.

Any plans for a Playboy shoot in the future?
No. I’m more a DJ than a model. So I’ll stick with the music. If they ask me, I might say yes. But I’m not going to take my top off.

Find out more on DJ Bliss and her sensual musical stylings at her official website here.

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