Dizzy & The

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Experimental and emotronic. Dizzy & The are 2 artistic girls, the poetry-lovin’ Liyana aka Dizzy, and Alia aka The. The girls have been best buds for almost 5 years now. Both girls have been playing the piano from a tender young age, but it was The who actually took it further musically, while Dizzy got creative and shared stuff she has written. Dizzy admitted it wasn’t easy.

Dizzy’s got stage fright, but it is The’s company on stage that helped her through. It was during a sleepover that both girls jammed over Dizzy’s ‘Immigrant and Interpreter’ poem on The’s piano, and realised that they connected musically. The girls subsequently got together to record their materials in a scary small room in Subang. After hearing their work, Mokhtar from Iseekmusic contacted them about recording, and the girls were set! It took Dizzy & The 6 months to get into the challenge of producing their 1st ever self-titled EP. When asked, The told JUICE that she doesn’t like to feed off or be influenced by any other kinds of music before recording, so she can work straight from Dizzy’s poetry and nothing else.

Go say hello to them at www.myspace.com/dizzyandthe