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Ask anyone who’s been down to Taman Melawati and Wangsa Maju, and they’d tell you that those areas are now a hotbed for graffiti activity. Responsible for spearheading the spray-on revolution is graff collective Phobia Klik. Consisting of urban writers Phobia, Katun, Botak, Carpet, Siek, Sopey, Budean, Kay, Dwane, Datom and Bone, Phobia Klik’s is not as exclusive as you think.

Images District

In fact the collective has cells in Singapore and Indonesia, and has branched into different forms of street expressionism, adding to the family a loose crew of BMX riders, b-boys, DJs (including Anowl, Hud Evil Hud, Mh and Mac), photographers and digital artists. If anything, Phobia Klik seems to be a never-ending celebration for urban artists as apparent from this year’s massive Graff And Unite event, which saw over 70 writers converge to bomb the Klang River wall.

And now the growing collective has finally got a place to call home. District threw its doors open recently and became Phobia Klik’s official gallery-cum-workspace. Bi-monthly exhibitions are held here for local participants at no charge, with District’s space also up for rental for those interested. The aim is to bring people from different fields together as an urban community of artists. And in all that is a simple and noble manifesto that stays true to Phobia Klik’s origins-representing a bunch of guys who share a common passion, enthusiasm and talent.

A decade ago, Phobia started hunting down artists that did graff pieces around his hood. Recruiting them one by one, their latest works can now be seen in Wangsa Maju (a larger-than-life Mad Hatter stares you down as you past the Shell gas station), the Klang River and the Melaka River. Phobia Klik also offers services such as custom airbrushing, silkscreen printing and even a clothing line in addition to their graff, which can be found in the streets of Bangkok, Jakarta, Bali, Bandung and Singapore. If you’re ever in the hood and want to smell the aerosol of Malaysia’s brightest street artists, cross over to District.

District is located at 145-1, 1st Floor Jalan Imbi, KL (beside 7-Eleven and Pizza Hut).

For more info, visit www.thisisdistrict.com or join their Facebook. More on Phobia Klik at www.myspace/phobiaklik.

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