Disneynature Goes To The Oceans

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In April, Disneynature celebrated Earth Day by releasing a beautiful documentary featuring the planet’s greatest natural hits. Called Earth, the documentary went on to break a record of over $108 million worldwide! Just last week, Disney announced its next Earth Day feature. It’s called Oceans and has already been screened at Tokyo Film Festival. Another winner?

We’ll find out next April when it’s released, but we’re pretty sure it’s nothing short of remarkable. Oceans will see the teaming up of Walt Disney Studios and French studios Notro Films and Galatee Films to give us that glimpse into the mystery of the oceans.

By way of a recap, Earth featured narrative by celebrities such as Patrick Stewart and James Earl Jones. Jacques Perrin directs Oceans.

Whatever the case, Disneynature’s Oceans is to watch out for. Check out the trailer here.


Find out more about it at disney.go.com/disneynature now.

Source Ecorazzi