Discuss “A Bit Of Culture” With BFM 89.9

BFM 89.9, Malaysia’s foremost independent radio station, was founded in 2007. Its focus points were simple, and unlike most other mainstream broadcasters – BFM aimed to keep up with business news and current affairs, while also playing music that would entertain and charm even though it wasn’t necessarily the charts’ top hits. Over the past ten years, BFM has championed rational, evidence-based discourse and discussion; bringing Malaysia’s radio and broadcasting frontiers to a new level. Now, on 8 July, the ILHAM Gallery will host BFM’s talk show, ‘A Bit of Culture’, which will broach three topics from the wide world of the arts, creativity, and pop culture. Presenter Kam Raslan will chair the discussion, with special guests Sharaad Kuttan and Jo Kukathas joining him to provide attendees with an informed and well-rounded day of discussion.

Meanwhile, why not listen to BFM 89.9 online here, or read an interview with presenter Kam Raslan here?