Disclosure: A Glimpse of Future Garage

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The craftsmen behind this massive tune are two young producers who are actually brothers (One being 20, the other 17 and you’re in your late 20’s sitting in the office). Ever since the release of The Face EP which is available for download for free online, they’ve been riding the wave buzz circulating in the UK which has come to catch the attention of DJ and host on BBC Radio 1, Annie Mac. Impressed by their sound, Annie has since been endorsing their music and inviting them to play for her events.

‘Control’ (feat. Ria Ritchie) off the EP is a rich marriage between soulful house and UK garage. The track has a bubbly r’n’b-tinged synth that pops in and out with some irresistibly chopped and pitched vocal hooks.

The star of the track though is the mesmerizing and sultry voice of Ria Ritchie that blended in so well with the big bass and bubbly synth. It’s one of those tracks that start off soft but the building bass accompanying her voice makes it such a heavy hitting track. You’d definitely hear a hint of garage from the drums which makes it such a fresh track that hasn’t got many sounding like it yet. Watch out for the YouTube comments and join in the frenzy of trying to label the genre of these talented producers.

In new DJs and producers, we trust.

Listen to more at soundcloud.com/disclosuremusic