Dinosaur Pile-Up: My Rock N Roll

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Whatever happened to grunge? Did it pass away together with its messiah, Kurt Cobain? Well, not quite. Apart from the stadium rock incarnation of the Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age, grunge has gone garage.

Case in point: Dinosaur Pile-Up. The lo-fi indie project of Matt Bigland (formerly of Mother Vulpine) brings us back to pre-Sub Pop days, where simplicity and feedback ruled the underground. Hailing from Leeds, the no-nonsense guitar-bass-drum outfit administers a healthy dose of headbanging. Going old skool by recording on an 8-track, DPU’s self-released single, ‘My Rock N Roll’ may sound familiar with its soft/loud/soft/bleeding loud dynamics. But before you dismiss them as reptiles trying to escape their inevitable extinction, their slacker rock charm will get to you. 2009 is ripe for a revival!

Get prehistoric and stomp to ‘My Rock N Roll’ by Dinosaur Pile-Up at www.myspace.com/dinosaurpileup

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