Dinosaur Jr: Farm (Jagjaguwar)

Back in the 80s, Dinosaur Jr was one of the groundbreaking bands that led the noisy-sonic-guitar assault with the likes of Sonic Youth against pussified-MTV-friendly pop rock. So what happened to them?

Well, despite laying the foundation for people like acknowledged fan Kurt Cobain, they were also slackers and disbanded in ’97. But just as you can’t keep a good tune down, Dino Jr sprung back to action and released Beyond in 2007. This year’s Farm tops that and may very well be the best Dino Jr album ever! Each song is catchy and beautifully-crafted with blistering solos and powerhouse drumming. And frontman J Mascis sounds as though he hasn’t aged, despite looking like a hippie, bleached-hair computer geek.

Listen to: ‘Over it’

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