Dimbleby & Capper: Pop’s Little Lost Girl

Dimbleby & Capper are in fact one person. 21-year-old Laura Bettinson – currently in her last year at Goldsmiths University – has a penchant for dressing boys up in masks whilst adorning herself in gaffa tape. That’s not the only reason we’re enamoured…. 

The kooky electro pop songbird constructs lo-fi DIY beats and loops with a small, portable electronic set-up. There’s a bit of Lily Allen, a bit of Alison Goldfrapp, and maybe even some Natasha Khan in her, but she strikes out bravely with her own trippy and seductive English-accent vocals.

About her stage-name, Laura says: “I’d had enough of playing as Laura Bettinson. I needed something that was quite anonymous. The name Dimbleby & Capper is literally picked out of a hat, although it was inspired by an old picture of my granddad and one of his mates where they’d caught a shark – I thought it was hilarious so I called them Dimbleby & Capper, although that’s not their names!”

Find out what’s ‘Beautiful But Boring’ to Dimbleby & Capper (unsigned) at www.myspace.com/dimblebyandcapper.