DigiCon6 – Saladin

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DigiCon6 is Japan’s leading digital design talent search and MDeC invited JUICE to attend the event November last year. We were the only Malaysia media there! Represent. Organised by Tokyo Broadcast System (TBS), Digicon has, in 10 years, become one of the most important events for the country’s animation industry. It’s a multi-billion industry for Japan, so of course we couldn’t miss this opportunity to be on the judging panel for Malaysian entries.

Here’s round 1 of our DigiCon6 chosen animations. This local piece from MDeC won the Encouragement Award. Woohoo! Inspired by the life of Saladin, the Islamic hero who fought during the crusades, it is an impressive, affecting epic. If we didn’t know it was from Malaysia we would think it was an SKG animation, except then Saladin would have been the villain. Saladin‘s showcase at DigiCon6 will be broadcasted on Al-Jazeera’s Children Channel in early 2010. Who knew Malaysian animation would be so dope? A must-watch!

There were around 200 Malaysian entries for last year’s DigiCon6, so we can be sure there will be plenty more to come this year.

In the meantime, this is the trailer to our award-winning and locally-made Saladin.


Check out http://cmc.msc.com.my for details or e-mail [email protected] or [email protected] at MDeC for further info. Get working on your masterpieces now! Click here to read more about our trip down to Tokyo for DigiCon6 on 22 November 2008.

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