DigiCon6: Hidden Elders

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Here’s another a review from our DigiCon6 animated video series, an event in Tokyo that JUICE was exclusively invited for in November 2008. This quirkily crafted animation documentary with a social obligation message about old folks from Radio Television Hong Kong scooped first prize at DigiCon6 Award 2008 and won the Grand Prize at the awards final in Japan. The documentary by John Chan and Postgal Workshop ccombines two different topics to develop a fascinating storyline of social problems facing some of our older citizens in a world where Santa Claus exists. While the animation is not super mind-blowing, it’s the simplicity and honest concept that makes this a noteworthy hit. Yo, imagine yourself at 70 and being ignored most of the time. Simple gestures means the world to our elders, such as letting them have your seat on the train and just treating them like normal human beings. Fo’ real fo’ real.

Watch this.


Look out for more DigiCon6 submitted animation reviews cos we’re no where near done yet.

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