Dig of this Week: Youth Portal

youth portal

Based on indie pop band Youth Portal’s latest single ‘Turning Point‘ where the band expressed the anxiety that develops at the face of change, although we’re empathetic of their woe, we think that they shouldn’t be quite so fraught about the band’s fledgling state. We’ll support this suggestion with some evidence such as their single ‘Draft’ being featured in Time Out KL‘s Top 30 Tracks of 2015, and very excitingly, another single of theirs – ‘Loop’ – earned a praise from DIIV on Twitter.

With all that said, Youth Portal has achieved quite a bit in spite of their very modest online following. The band writes good pop songs, especially with the simple and repetitive lyrics that are coupled with a dreamy instrumentation. So, whether they embrace change or not, this year should be a turning point for Youth Portal.

Take a listen of what they’re made of below:

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