Dig of this Week: Ramayan

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source: Ramayan

For this week’s Dig, we’re highlighting rock band Ramayan. The quintet has been around for a while, but in light of the impending release of their EP, we thought it’s due time we give them a shout out. They’ve released a few teasers of what’s to be expected from their release, namely in tracks such as ‘Akhir Kalam’, ‘Oh Dewiku’, and ‘Sepintas Sastra Hati’. Not to be premature with our opinion, but so far, ‘Oh Dewiku’ is a favourite, particularly in the languid, romantic harmony, and lead singer Pi’e’s much gentler vocal delivery.

Listen to a few previews of their songs below:

Watch a video of their performance as documented by The Wknd here:

Ramayan’s self-titled EP will be available for pre-order starting tomorrow. 

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