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An audio engineer and production student of SAE Institute Melbourne, Prthiv ‘Pip’ Ratnam is a Bangsar sound engineer-cum-musician with a knack of electronic music with a strong ‘live’ slant to its sound. This is evident in his influences – namely electronic acts such as M83, Daft Punk, Geographer, and Tycho among many others – and thusly, his demos exhibit live drums, bass, and guitars amid its Ableton 9-abled beats. ‘The Lighthouse’ and ‘Seascaper’ are thickly Scott Hansen-inspired, then ‘Rainbow Forest’ – with its sampling of the iconic Super Mario Bros coin sound – is closer to Porter Robinson’s current incarnation, while ‘Space = Jump’ skews heavily on VGM-like synths. Though Pip has labelled the bulk of his tunes on SoundCloud under the ‘demo’ banner, the man has the polished sheen of an experienced producer – a quality most acts from the SoundCloud gen are still struggling to achieve.

Watch an improvisational video of Pip performing his track below:

Rainy SundaysMessing around with some improvisation on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Posted by Pip, the Turtle on Sunday, 13 March 2016

Listen to Pip’s 2015 demos below:

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