Dig of this Week: Nick Yungkit


Image Axam Maumoon

Nick Yungkit is one of the chosen talents for Tiger Jams, and though he did not make it to the Top 3 finals, the singer-songwriter is one that carries the mantle for sensitive serenades that have surely dismantled many armoured hearts. Even if his silky smooth vocals occasionally fail to get through a specific subject, well, we think it would only serve to add into his well of inspirations for his songwriting. The John Mayer acolyte has a penchant for inflections of r’n’b and soul in his acoustic guitar musings on love, through all of its gifts and misgivings. There’s a slew of covers on his SoundCloud of Norah Jones, Jason Mraz, Sam Smith, and a number of Mayer songs, but also, take a listen to the few originals, especially ‘Pretentious’ because we always appreciate a sensitive type poking fun at himself, which also seems like he’s echoing his idol’s spirit too.

Listen below:

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