Dig of this Week: Loch

source: Loch

Consisting of members from Negeri Sembilan and Malacca, instrumental rock quartet Loch is comprised of Ridzuan, Qauyum, Haziq, and Alvin. The band released a four-track EP last year, two of the singles are ‘Return-(Intro)’ and ‘Lamprophony’. The former meanders a bit before it opens itself to a succession of drums and guitar that remain largely at a constant, while the latter sees prancing guitar lines reaching a quick fever pitch before continuing to unfurl throughout its six-minute duration. They are incessant, but just as the song is called, Loch wants to be heard — loud and clear.

Take a listen:

Loch is among the local acts who’ll be playing at Dong Tai Du Music Festival ’16, happening on Saturday 16 January to Sunday 17 January ’16. More from Loch here.