Dig of this Week: Kidd Santhe

source: Kidd Santhe

HOAX Vision threw a massive party, or HOAX005, at ArteBar not too long ago. It was intensely boisterous – an energy that can be likened to a mosh pit at a rock concert. Among the many young rappers who performed, who were all talented, Kidd Santhe, however, deserves a special shoutout. In anticipation of HOAX005, the rapper dropped an exclusive track entitled ‘Candy (The Diss)’, which was a biting diss aimed at Akhyla affiliate and rapper N3MO. Brief as the rap may be, it is directly effective and Kidd doesn’t just bash for the sake of hate, it is still rife with hooks in the midst of percussion. Kidd can serve shade at his fellow rapper, but can he deliver on his own? ‘Litnya’ shows that he can. Going back and forth in Malay and English turns of phrase, the trap track has the rapper encapsulating what’s it like to party for many city kids – trying to get yourself a cutie, lying to a parent just to party in the city, said party gets too hyped that it may alert the attention of authorities (“Jangan kau dial triple 9, ‘cos it’s lit here”).

So, don’t sleep on Kidd Santhe any longer, because just as the dude taunts, “Asal tak boleh tahan panas, too lit ke?”

Listen to his tracks below:

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