Dig of this Week: In the Case of Gard Vs. Korang, Gard Wins

source: Gard

Malaysian hip hop in Bahasa, as held down by its ageing pioneers, doesn’t see a lot of variety musically – that is until HOAX Vision entered the scene. Now, we have Gard to disrupt the local hip hop canon too. Sonically very much millennial, Gard’s music channels the sounds we’ve come to expect from the current zeitgeist of the international scene; cloudy beats, 808s, mumbly flow, autotune, the ever-perennial “Yaa, yaa, yaa,” adlib, you name it, he’s got it. Sins to the Golden Age torchbearers, a breath of fresh air for those who grew tired of backpack rap and nasihat rap that plague Bahasa hip hop, and left wanting for what our other Asian peers are achieving via 88rising.

Listen to recent mixtape GARD VS KORANG below: