Dig of this Week: Donamarie

source: Donamarie

This week’s selection comes in the form of self-described rap rock band Donamarie that tugs at our dormant teenage subconscious who’s still forming its musical taste in a time when nu-metal was at its saturated apex (or nadir, depends on who’s reading). Being greeted by this band’s fervent blows of unfettered lyrical spews and pummelling rock instrumentation, it is no doubt jarring and sometimes even grating, but soon we are softened and become reminded of the musical stylings of a formative Incubus when a young Brandon Boyd, heavily covered in dreadlocks, dabbled in rapping, or their aspiration to emulate, for instance, Disturbed. Though Donamarie is still unrefined, we commend their unapologetic exertion of themselves to everyone who’s willing to listen.

Take a listen to their songs below:

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