Dig of this Week: Dan Bam

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dan bam

Rapper and producer Dan Bam will be performing at the sophomore RtB Plus One with Akhyla’s N3MO, so let us all get acquainted with him. Izzat Danial is still a young’un, but he has already released a five-track EP entitled Right Now in early March. The EP is appealing for general listening with its pop-inclined hip hop productions – some of the tracks on it have enough vigour to temporarily fuel a small dancing group that you’d discover in a youth-frequented bar. With ‘Tom Ford’, it’s the obligatory symbiotic reference in rap between luxurious lifestyle and a complimentary term for a woman’s attractiveness. While ‘D.I.E’ is where he attempts to sing, as rappers today are wont to. Despite the occasional off-key strain as he tries the high register, for the most part his lukewarm vocals complements the spirited beat. Dan Bam is still rough around the edges, but a talent nonetheless.

Listen to his EP below:

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