Dig of this Week: Clumsy Boy ichu1 Could be Part of #TeamSESH

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source: ichu1

The seeming Abbott of new collective CLUMSYBOYS, it’s not very difficult to pinpoint ichu1’s inspirations – having a behavioural adjective paired with a gender noun would tell you as much. But far from cribbing a singular entity of the formerly dreaded Tumblr rap label, his sound runs the gamut of TeamSESH’s headbanging numbers, whitearmor of Shield Gang’s atmospheric 808s, and even the most debauched of Atlanta’s trap houses – anything goes. And as their name would suggest – without a hint of irony, we wager – these boys can be very clumsy musically; as a natural consequence of music-making now being highly accessible to anyone with the internet, there’s a level of abandon in some of ichu1’s tracks that is just too transparent. This is especially true with the rapping – though notably, ichu1 and gang are at their best when emulating Bones (i.e. ‘Track 1 (intro)’, ‘Track 3 [feat. DARK TRUNKS]’, and ‘Track 4’). However, it’s probably better for the new gen to experiment on their own and find their own path without the dictation of elders – this kid’s only 16 (exactly the age Yung Lean gained followers!). We’ll see how forthcoming mixtape HELL MUST BE LIT would end up sounding in its entirety.


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