Dig It: Simon Lee and Alvin

Every month JUICE gets down with a trendsetting, jetsetting type and asks them to unearth their favourite people, place and things. This month, we get intimate with the founders of Radio KUL and Fly FM’s Fly-Five-O residents Simon Lee & Alvin.

We hope you’ve already picked up a copy of electronic music artiste BT’s sixth album These Hopeful Machines. This is one of 2011’s must haves – a thoughtful and brilliant masterpiece from a music innovator. The freshly released Re-Imagined version contains dancefloor ready remixes of the Grammy nominated CD, with contributions from Ferry Corsten, Mr. Sam, Sultan & Ned Shepard, Chicane, and many more. Our favourite is the tyDi remix of “The Light In Things” that you’ll hear on all our mixes.

This card game brings out the entreupeneur in you! By now surely you’ve heard of the madness that Monopoly Deal has unleashed. We’re big fans of the original board game, but Deal truly takes it to a whole new level. Use strategic maneuveurs to acquire (or steal) properties. This is the reason why enemies are made during office lunch hours and tea breaks. Family members, real estate agents, and rival CEOs will love this. Don’t forget to practise your Sly Deal face!

We’re big fans of speed, stealth, firepower, and international espionage. Airwolf has it all. This ’80s action TV series based on an attack helicopter is one of the most legendary shows ever – every guy wanted to be Airwolf’s pilot (we still have our fake helmets) and have Caitlin O’Shannessy as their erm… co-pilot. If you’ve never watched an episode of it on TV2 while you were growing up, surely you’d at least recognise the thrilling theme song composed by Sylvester Levay. Now you can relive the dogfights, loop the theme song, and access behind the scenes footage with the Airwolf DVD collection! All four seasons are now available – but yeah, we recommend avoiding Season Four (it was made up of recycled footage).

These white Pioneer DJ pair of decks and mixer comes with advanced looping, some really wicked effects, and USB recording. It’s perfect for house parties or recording your own mixes! Check out a video of DJ Miss Nine giving it a spin at http://tinyurl.com/pioneer350. It’s also the official gear for the Storm Troopers party.

We’ve got this portable 37-key synth and it’s a monster inside! Built in with 128 sounds, this bestseller is an update of it’s predecessor – the microKORG. Easily tucked away in a bag and runs on batteries, both musicians and hobbyists can use it as performance companion, or it’s a great away to make music on the go and pen down those melodic ideas! Plug in the provided mic, and it turns into a vocoder (think Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer!”). Children can use it to learn the notes for “Kids” as part of their music education. USB it and you can also create your own sounds. The world is turning digital, but analog toys like these never go out of style!

Who says disco skating is no longer in fashion? On the top floor of Subang Avenue is a huge space for anyone to dance and skate (or learn how to!). With neon lighting, LED wheels, a skate-thru drinks counter, and a DJ on duty that takes in your live requests and dedications, it’s wholesome fun for the entire party rock crew. We recommend going in a group, then after a 3 hour session, compare your injuries – person with the least bruises should buy drinks! And yeah, somebody should really throw a rave party here!

Document your next party as it happens and print out your Instagram photos with the Instaprint photo booth. It uses a technology that doesn’t require ink, so those instant snaps can be kept for everlasting memories – someday your printouts will be useful for bragging to your grandkids on what a party animal you used to be. Give the Instaprint guys a call and they’ll show up at your party. Can’t wait for this to hit our shores! #Ace

If you’re looking for tshirts that stand out, Threadless is the site to shop. It’s got thousands of designs from around the world that are inspired by everything from animals to zombies to pop culture, and you can even submit your own ideas. Sure .. it’s just tee shirts, but they stand out and their really comfy. There’s really something for everyone, so we recommend ordering in bulk with your mates and saving on shipping! www.threadless.com.

Located at The Centro Mall in Klang, this is a great place for some splendid Mexican food and a few cold ones. Check out their Pollo Nachos and buffalo wings – too irresistible. Yes la, we’re from Klang.

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Listen to Simon Lee and Alvin radio show at www.radiokul.com and their exclusive mix for JUICE at www.radiokul.com.