Dig It: Miranda Yeoh

Every month JUICE gets down with a trendsetting, jet setting type and asks them to unearth their favourite people, places and things. This month, we get down with JUICE‘s very own Miranda Yeoh.

Pole Dancing Fitness
I picked up the interest in it after watching an episode of Oprah and decided to take classes after. Pole dancing is way harder than it looks but I’d rather go through excruciating “skin-pinching” pain and learning sexy tricks than going to a boring gym any day. Pole dancing also gives me a fine collection of bruises

The Century Of The Self
Since I was 12, I’ve been a fanatic when it comes to reading and researching topics on Freemasonry, the Illuminati, and the supposed effects of mind programming through mass media and such. I have been collecting books and documentaries since then and I’ve grown to become extremely paranoid person. The latest documentary I recently watched was Century Of The Self that gives insight into how psychoanalysis is used from selling an everyday product to even creating a society. It’s quite an eye opener, this one.

Anyone who knows me I eat (and drink) like a horse. I eat so much that I decided that the only way I can keep track of the junk I eat is through my personal food Tumblr. Man, that’s a lot of junk…

Music That Defined My Life: Jazz, Hardcore, Dubstep
I’m thankful for the people I’ve met throughout my life that has made me an extremely passionate music head. My first love of jazz stems from being exposed to Billie Holiday, Joe Pass, Stan Getz and some good ol’ swing jazz from Django Reinhard as a child. As a teen, my love for hardcore started with punk/hc band Fugazi – although being Straight Edge clearly wasn’t for me. If jazz is my 1st love, dubstep is my latest obsession. I’m a big fan of the Killabits at the moment.

I got the interest from my dad, I think, when I joined the Photography Club in high school. It only got serious when photography became my major in college and since then I’ve worked freelance, had a stint shooting beauty/fashion spreads and still shoot when given the opportunity. Would I do this full-time? I really don’t have that confidence to show my work to the world. Unless, the boss says I have to, Jules Streething is a fan though…

Gil Scott-Heron
He’s been called the ‘Grandfather of Rap’, he’s a poet and has influenced a whole generation of rappers with his street poetry and has worked with quite a few jazz greats like Louis Armstrong and Nina Simone. He’s got a new album out and it’s great! I think he’s still in jail though…

Sophie’s World
When I was 9 I told my mum to buy me this book because the cover was pretty. When I finally read it a year later it was like reading fantasy but way cooler. It was only when I re-read it again 2 years later did I understand that it was a book on philosophy. I still re-read it every 2 years. I still think the cover is really pretty.

PS3 Gaming
At this present moment my newest phase is plonking myself in front of the TV playing PS3 for hours. This phase started innocently enough with Pro Evolution Soccer then it went on to being mildly obsessed with finishing God Of War 3. Right now I’m fighting in the jungles of Borneo in Uncharted 2.