Dig It: Ming

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Every month JUICE gets down to the low down with a trendsetting, jet setting type and asks tem to unearth their favourite people, places and things. This month, Ming Bombshell does the countdown.

1. Nasi Lemak
This is what gives me my double chin and my Malaysian culinary identity. What is there not to love about this dish? The taste, the combination and the aroma – you can eat it anytime and you can find it everywhere in Malaysia. The best nasi lemak has got to be from Nasi Lemak Famous in Bangsar.

2. Squats
My favorite exercise! Up, down, up, down and voila! Buns of steel.

3. Madonna
What I am, how I function and a lot of what I wear and how I wear it, comes from her. A real performer and show horse – I love everything about her (and her men).

4. Barsonic on Fridays
On Friday nights this is the best place to be. I eat, I sleep, I drink, I dance, make a scene, have girly fights, pose, and I’m FABULOUS there! FYI, this place is not for faint hearted-homos.

5. The city of Bangkok
The heat, noise, smells, traffic, the fashion, the people and thai culture itself (and the men),
everything about this city is full of contrasts, but yet still so mysteriously attractive. Its also a haven for shopping. Jatujak market in Bangkok is a haven for shoppers who knows real deals and finds. Siam Square is great in the day for their local designer wear and artsy fashion pieces and at night is where you can find ridiculously cheap bargains at the same street. Khaosan road is where I’d hang out at night – the fried worms are delicious!

6. Elnett hair spray by L’Oreal
This is THE hairspray of hairsprays, nuff’ said.

7. Fetish clothes
Ooh black, shiny, PVC/leather stuff with chains, corsets, whips and dominatrix shoes, such a natural turn on for me. Growl….

8. Nicole Lynn
She is my accessory and I’m hers. In fact, all men should have accessories! She is my most favourite person in the world – she is full of ‘fabulous-ness’. I call her “mama”, you can call her Mama, and she can be your Mama. Hot!

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