Dig It: Jules Streething

Every month JUICE gets down with a trendsetting, jet-setting type and asks them to unearth their favourite people, places and things. This month, Jules from Streething does the digits.

1. Dianna Tai
JUICE Singapore’s writer/stylist extraordinaire. She’s super short ‘n’ cute ‘n’ sassy, like a Singaporean version of [JUICE Malaysia’s] Miranda!

2. Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR II
I’ve been wanting one for ages ‘cos all my small lenses are giving me an inferiority complex, so I got this bazooka to add some inches onto my schlong. That, and I also want to do more telephoto work as well… Really!

3. Coaster Brake Hub
Tried fixed gear bikes but I didn’t like all the effort that was needed, so I switched the rear wheel with a coaster brake-equipped one. Feels great; you pedal to go forward then back-pedal to stop. Ace for commuting around!

4. Blackberry
I get very lonely in Singapore and apart from Dianna, my BB is my only friend…

5. New jeans
After 2+ years of hard wearing, my trusty Filipa K jeans actually exploded/imploded on me whilst I was getting out of a cab. Need to find a similar-fitting pair now. RIP, indeed.

6. Burgers
Being based in Singapore, I’ve found the local cuisine to be slightly lacking compared to Malaysian food. However, there is some really good western food so I’ve resumed my long-lost plan of becoming a burger connoisseur. I haven’t found anything spectacular yet, but the joy lies not within the find but in the search.

7. Avatar 3D
Can’t believe I only got to watch it once! This is the film that we’ve been promised since we were kids-3D done right! Can’t wait to see how the technology will evolve.

8. Barsonic/Zouk Club KL
The only place I party in KL. Big thanks to all the bouncers for not throwing me out when I get all tipsy-turvy.

Visit him at www.streething.com.