Dig It!: Ifzan of Wondermilk Cafe

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Every month JUICE gets personal with trendspotting, jetsetting types, and gets them to confess on their favourite people, places and things. This month, design extraordinaire Ifzan of Wondermilk Cafe, Cuppacakes and Graphic Design Bureau grabs a spade.

1. Jeff Buckley Grace
Before Grace, I was all lame pop and punk rock. Jeff Buckley changed my life.

2. Chanel Allure Homme Sport Cologne
For today’s modern man who never backs down from a challenge. I totally copied that from the internet.

3. +Wondermilk Cafe
My favourite hangout place. Probably a bit biased since I’m co-owner. I set up the cafe with 5 of my best friends, but it truly is my favourite place to be, to meet and hang out with friends. Plus we have the best cupcakes in town! Opening hours: Mon-Sun, 9am-10pm. Closed on public holidays.

4. Ice Baby Latte
I’m more of a tea person, but I can’t get enough of this coffee drink. Harn, our barista at Wondermilk, makes a mean cup. It’s the perfect balance of rich espresso and milky goodness, served with crushed ice. Yummy. Available at Wondermilk, of course.

5. Panerai Watches
Counting the days that I”ll be able to afford one. www.panerai.com

6. Green Tea
Drinks, ice cream, cookies, smoothies, lattes, chocolates, cakes, chips, mochis, cupcakes…you name it, I’ll like it. The green tea cake from San Terri is particularly good.

7. Monocle Magazine
I used to buy loads of magazines every month, but over the years I’ve found most of them very boring and a waste of my hard-earned money. Monocle is probably the only magazine I still buy. It is just awesome-great design aesthetics, full of useful information and great for inspiration. It can be very expensive, but why buy full price when you can get back issues for half the retail price at Selvan’s everywhere.

8. Building Bloc
Probably my favourite local architects at the moment. BC and Wen are about reinventing and breaking the rules of convention. They love the process of transforming ideas into reality and exploring new possibilities in materials, construction and the local habits of builders. Much like Wondermilk’s philosophy of exploring new visual possibilities, and creating off-the-wall and effective solutions for print, products, etc. That’s why we’ve called upon them to collaborate and help design our new Wondermilk outlet in KL. Exact location will be revealed in due time. www.building-bloc.com

9. Chocolab
A magical, fun-filled, inventive chocolate laboratory with a variety of chocolates in all shapes and flavours imaginable. Chocolab can also print almost anything on chocolates. Best of all, they’re edible. Probably the best invention ever! You can even have your favourite photos printed on your order of Cuppacakes from Wondermilk. How cool is that? www.darkmilkwhite.com/www.ilovecuppacakes.com

10. The Selby
The Selby offers an insider’s view of creative individuals in their personal spaces with an artist’s eye for detail. There are lots of interesting photos of cool interiors, portraits, and the fashion of famous and not-so-famous folks. www.theselby.com

11. Adidas Hi-Tops
I’ve always been a fan of hi-top shoes ever since I was a kid, but adidas makes the most comfortable hi-tops. Plus they always come out with fresh new styles and colourways, and also reinvented classics. My recent purchase was this adidas Decade Hi Gaffa, which I wear almost every day.

Send some love to Wondermilk at www.ilovewondermilk.com.

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