Dig It All @ Capsquare

There was a lot of could’ve, would’ve, should’ves when it came to Dig.It.All. What could have been the best event of the year turned out to be one big disappointment. It wasn’t that Dig It All wasn’t up to par; the stage and sound were top notch and Dig It All delivered on its promise of offering 12 hours of non-stop music, featuring 30 local and international acts. The issue was the crowd – where was it?

As mentioned, the line up was impressive. In the afternoon artists like the John Thomas Trio, Yuna, Bunkface, Hujan, Deserters, Pop Shuvit, The Times and a whole lot of other local acts and bands took the stage. Kudos to them for playing on like troopers even when there was an obvious lack of spectators.

At night lights shone up into the sky from where Dig It All was located. JUICE was sure it was going to be sick but entered to find DJ Goldfish hittin’ the decks to a mere 30 people. The music and sound was awesome, and the lights and visuals were something else. Vandal, as usual was solid as an MC and did his best to get the crowd to move to the front of the stage to show support.

Up next on the decks were Joey G and Bobo of the CosmicSpaceMunkys, who have been on hiatus since 2007. Joey spun their original track ‘Show Me The Way’ with Bobo on vocals. They then announced a very special performance as Reshmonu came up on stage and rendered his track ‘Oh Anok Anok.’

After an energy busting performance, CSM and Reshmonu gave way to Dirty Vegas from London. Some may have thought of them one hit wonders with the track ‘Days Go By’ thanks to constant airplay 2 years ago. They were, to say the least, the best of the night. The band had amazing presence on stage with front man Steve Smith. Dirty Vegas was well impressive and even got the crowd (who at this point amounted to about a 100-odd) to all sing and join in when they played an acoustic version of the hit single. With Tuborg in hand, it was truly the high point of the night.

A New Zealand ‘Haka’ dance entertained the crowd before German producer Tocadisco took the spotlight with his techno and house tunes. The night ended with DJ duo Mason and MC-vocalist and DJ Vika Kova churning sick beats.

There may have not been many people that night, but it wasn’t hard to see that those who were there had a blast. Mad props to old and new friends that came to support Dig It All and boo to those who didn’t come, you missed out!

Dig It All was held at Capsquare on 8 August 2009. For more info, log on to www.dig-it-all.com.my. Check out pix from the event in our gallery here.