Dig It: Adli Syahril

Every month JUICE gets down with a trendsetting, jetsetting type and asks them to unearth their favourite people, places and things. This month, since it’s our birthday again, our writer and resident dance expert, Adli Syahril, spills the beans.

I log on to Air Asia website almost every freaking day to find the cheapest flights of my dream holiday destinations. Let’s do breakfast in KL, lunch in Singapore and dinner in Bali. Now everyone can be a jetsetter. You rock-lah, Tony!

Guns don’t kill people, lasers do! I can sweat like a pig in less than 10 minutes at this game. Screw treadmill, laser tag is da s#it.

I’ve been a fan of Chemical Brothers before ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl’ became famous. If I have millions of Ringgit, I wouldn’t mind throwing a huge party with Chemical Brothers on the bill. No David Guetta, that’s for sure.

This director-screenwriter is a brilliant man. Most of my favourite music videos are directed by him including the Chemical Brothers’ ‘Let Forever Be’ and ‘Star Guitar’. And I think his movie Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind is the greatest movie i’ve ever seen in my entire life!

Harlan Coben wrote this fantastic mind-twisting story and it’s listed as one of my favourite books. I managed to catch the movie at the French Film Festival few years back but it was not as thrilling as reading the book. Too bad, I lost it now (the book, not the DVD).

I’m not good at mixing but my hobby is to play with this programme and pretend to be a DJ in my room. Sometimes I create my own bad mix for my friends. They hate it.

Here’s a confession. I don’t listen to dance music all the time. In fact, it could destroy my brain. Besides dance, I also enjoy Alanis Morissette’s music and I collected her cassettes back in school. I wished I was a bit older when she came to KL in the 90s [Ed’s Note-the best time to be a teenager]. I also dig Meredith Brooks, Tori Amos, Jewel and Sarah mclachlan but Alanis is on top of my list [Ed’s Note#2-sounds like my sister’s playlist].

I spent most of my childhood days at these places because I lived in KL before I moved to Shah Alam and my grandparents are staying in PJ. My family used to take me and my cousin to Hankyu Jaya and Atria before bigger shopping malls like 1 Utama and Mid Valley existed. In fact, our usual party nights (when we were still underage) were at Jalan Telawi and we extended our party at PJ bars till 6am. Those were the days…

I still buy physical albums and my favourite place to shop for cds is at Rock Corner in Bangsar Village. Whenever the pay is in, I’d drive there to get at least one CD a month. It’s the closest CD shop we got to HMV.

My party bible.

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