Dig And Edit It Box Set

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What do you get when a snazzy British fashion brand hooks up with a Japanese music label to release the debut album of one of Asia’s hottest electronic acts? The answer: A pretty niffty box set.

Fashion brand Oki-ni with Japanese label Mule Musiq recently celebrated the launch of KZA’s (one half of Force of Nature) 1st solo album DAE (Dig and Edit) by running a small print of limited edition box sets. These beautifully constructed sets contain the following items:

KZA Dig and Edit album CD – 10 track unmixed album from KZA
KZA Dig and Edit album sampler 12 Vinyl – 3 track album sampler featuring tracks ‘On&On&On’, ‘Communication Satellite’ and ‘Open Up’ (Slow Version)
Cover art by Berlin-based artist Stefan Marx
KZA 3Z-Disco Mix CD – KZA disco mix produced exclusively for Oki-ni
Dig and Edit T-shirt – heavy duty black T-shirt with hand-stitched Mule Musiq labeling and Dig and Edit logo chest-print
Dig and Edit pin badge – Black gloss pin badge with Dig and Edit logo

The contents are housed in a matt-finish yellow and black heavy-duty card box, with black Mule Musiq logo on the lid, and silver embossed Oki-ni logo on the underside.

Dig And Edit was produced with fellow Endless Flight artist Kuniyuki aka Koss. The 11 tracks on the album have strong parallels with the Force of Nature sound, and are made from samples of KZA’s favourite finds of obscure old records ranging from jazz, rock, and disco.

There are only 30 of these boxes in the whole world, so you should think about getting 2 for your collection. You know, to add to your bragging rights.

For more on KZA,Force of Nature, Mule Musiq and Oki-ni, checkout forceofnature.jp, www.mulemusiq.com and www.oki-ni.com/scat/artists.

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