Diela Maharanie’s Form & Colour

source: Diela Maharanie

Text The New Forward

Self-taught artist Diela Maharanie from Jakarta, Indonesia is all about vibrant patterns and super saturated hues. Her style is a coupling of her innate sense for form and colour combinations and her use of raw, almost primal strokes that have given birth to her dreamy illustrations of ethereal imagery.

Her affinity for nature and people is reflected in her constant use of humans and animals as subjects. What’s captivating about Diela’s art is the apparent patchwork feel that comes with her vibrant combination of patterns. Segmented by the blocks of hues arranged together to form a psychedelic whole, each illustration aims to capture a particular mood.

But you should also check out her dabbles in abstract portraiture, which captures the characters she paints through her signature bursts of colours.

Keeping it light and simple, Diela doesn’t consciously propagate messages in her art. As she puts it herself, “I don’t so much look to convey any main expression through my personal works. It’s more to capture a mood. I don’t really want to show what’s obviously there, as I prefer people interpreting my works in their own way.”


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