Dia Frampton: That Young Veteran

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source: Universal Republic Records

Text Ellfian Rahim
Image Universal Republic Records

It seems like it was just yesterday when we all saw that sweet Draper, Utah home girl Dia Frampton performing on The Voice with Team Blake, and eventually going on to became the TV talent competition’s first runner up that season.

But in reality, that was actually back in 2011!

Today, she’s already got a record out and busy working on material for her next solo release while still performing with her band, Meg & Dia, every now and then. She’s also notched up plenty of solo time on stage opening for Blake Shelton, The Fray, and also for James Blunt. Recently, the slender 26-year old, who got into the spotlight for her husky rendition of ‘Heartless’ and ‘Losing My Religion’ in the NBC series, managed to make a short stopover in Penang – partly to promote her growing catalogue of songs, and also as part of her duties as Puma’s brand ambassador to officiate the launch of the sportswear brand’s new signature store at the Gurney Paragon Mall.

After a hectic meet-and-greet session organised by Puma that saw a flurry of teenaged fans (and a smattering of much older folk) spending some quality time with their idol, Frampton was finally able to settle down, sip a drink, and give us an update about the mad couple of years that followed her triumph on TV.

“Naturally, after The Voice wrapped up that season, I put out a solo record entitled Red. As an aspiring singer, that was definitely the biggest change for me since before that and prior to my time on The Voice, I only managed to get stage time at local festivals and the like in and around Utah,” gushes Frampton. “But you know, even at this stage I’m already a touring artist. Certainly, The Voice gave me a jump start platform to a worldwide audience, which has been amazing. Since then I have toured in many different countries and I just completed this massive tour in China, opening for James Blunt.”

Of course, the topic of conversation slowly shifted towards her time as a competitor on the popular TV talent show. When asked if she still follows the show, or if she was supporting any of the current contestants, her reply was somewhat unexpected for someone still so young. “No, I don’t watch much TV to be honest. This past year for instance, I’ve been on the road or in the studio mostly. And you know what, whenever I have time to myself, I usually just go to for a movie by myself, kick back, and lose myself for two hours!”

“Other than that, I really enjoy spending time at home, but don’t get me wrong… there’s work to be done there as well. With Meg & Dia, especially with our last record, we recorded a lot of it at our mom’s house, and you can even hear the dishwasher running in some of the songs. This is because she refused to stop her life for our record!” laughs Dia. “But yeah, when you make music in that kind of a ‘real’ environment, you subconsciously lend an earthy feel to it, and I love that about Meg & Dia.”

Of course by this point, the question that’s already formed in our mind was what’s it like working with a sibling then? Well, based on how she gushes about her sister Meg (who was here in Penang with her, by the way) given half a chance, her response was kind of expected really. “It’s great, truly. It’s been a while since we have toured together and I couldn’t be happier. It’s been so much fun to have her on the road with me, and in airplanes sitting next to me when I’m nervous about flying. She’s a true guiding light and someone I look up to very much. I enjoy spending time with her and hope she wants to come back out on the road soon because she’s kept so busy at home working on her own jewellery line.”

Courtesy of PUMA, Dia Frampton, alongside bandmates Carlo Gimenez and Meg Frampton, stopped by the PUMA store in Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang for their Asian tour on Friday 24 January ’14.


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