Devoted Father Camps In Hospital Parking Lot To Be Close To His Son Diagnosed With Brain Cancer

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When we were kids and fell sick, our parents would stay up all night worrying about our body temperatures and if we got enough water and rest. But this was all done at home.

This devoted father has been camping at the hospital carpark for the past 6 days for his 8-year-old son, who is currently being treated for one of the rarest types of brain tumours.

Adi's temporary set-up outside the hospital, where his son is currently warded.
Source: Family Camping Malaysia (Facebook)

Adi Saifullizam Abdul Sani attached a tent to the back of his car last Friday and has been living there ever since. It was then that his son was diagnosed with cancer in his brain. While his condition was stable, he had to be hospitalised for testing and treatment.

“My wife is in the ward with him. But I cannot bear to be too far apart. If anything develops, at least I’m already here.

“I had discussed this with my wife. We also took into account our finances and how much it would cost if I were to travel daily from our home in Trolak to the hospital,” he said.

Adi works in a factory, supporting his wife and three kids. His other two children are staying with relatives until the situation eases.

“It’s not that comfortable sleeping in a car but it’s alright, as long as I can be nearby in case of anything,” he said, also noting that he’s used to camping as it used to be a frequent family activity.

May be an image of car and outdoors
Source: Family Camping Malaysia (Facebook)

“Some friends in the Ipoh area had offered me accommodation but I had to decline as they were around a half hour’s drive away from the hospital.”

“I will be here, around the hospital, until my son is discharged. I am not trying to gain sympathy, but my family is my life.”

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Source: UAB (for illustration purposes only)

Yesterday, he was just informed that his son’s tumour was lodged too deep for surgeons to operate on. Despite this, his son remains to be in stable condition.

“I feel like crying, but I keep telling myself that I shouldn’t cry in front of my son. I need to look strong for him to be stronger, I need to look okay for him to look better. But deep inside, my world is crumbling.”

“I pray for nothing but for Allah to heal my son and those who suffered from cancer and other illness. It is hard to see my son in this condition.”

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His son hasn’t grasped the severity of the situation, and pesters on about when he can return to school. Adi adds that the doctors advised his son to stay in the hospital for monitoring for another week.

“He loves going there and has never skipped school before even though he had light fever. He just loves school and keeps asking when he can be back to school as he is excited to enter Standard Two.

“We explain his condition to him and we hope that it will improve so that we can allow him to go to school.”

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Since pictures of Adi’s makeshift tent on his Proton Satria has made rounds on social media, a good samaritan anonymously booked a room for him at the hospital.

“I don’t know who that person is but I would like to thank him or her for helping me. I decided to stay here as it is closer to my son’s ward and will be temporarily staying here until my son gets discharged.”

We’re touched by this story and hope for the best for Adi’s family. A father’s love truly knows no bounds.