Detonate: Wax

Born in the suburbs of Maryland, rising hip hop artist Wax grew up listening to Guns N Roses, Def Leppard and NWA which sparked his interest in creating his own music. At the age of 10, he received a guitar for his birthday that consequently led him to start a band called MacGregor, toured the country and made records in hopes of getting signed. However, the band broke up and Wax worked several odd jobs in mortgage sales, pizza delivery, courier, hotel services, and so on. Music was to him, a part time venture, though he continued honing his skills.


Moving to San Diego, California with his then girlfriend seemed to be a blessing in disguise. The relationship fell apart after a year and a half, leaving Wax a depressed and unmotivated alcoholic. He managed to pull himself together and began taking his music writing more seriously. Teaming up with his twin brother, Herbal T, they began creating and posting videos of their rhymes and skits on Youtube which garnered a million-strong following. Also, a contest held by, where Wax’s video was one of the finalists, gave his exposure a boost. Pretty soon, the industry came knockin’ on his door.

Wax described his music as a mix of Johnny Cash and Jay Z, but to his legions of fans, it’s ultimately summed up as “authentic”. Although he has been compared to other white rappers like Eminem, Beastie Boys, and reggae punkers Sublime, Wax’s Scrub Life persona pretty much pukes in the face of those accusations. And while the term Scrub Life is defined as a person who’s lazy and defeatist (the opposite of Thug Life) it symbolises his humble lifestyle of being thankful for what he has and not depending on luxury to determine his happiness. Currently he’s working on his debut album, but has a Scrublife mixtape as a precursor for his fans. Term Scrub Life, since then, has become Wax’s record label name which is a joint venture with iconic hip hop label Def Jam. We await his formal debut with bated breath.

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