Detonate: The Cinematics

It was the year 2002, the year The Strokes’ Is This It opened the floodgates to a of post punk to create a string of new bands we’ve come to love like The Rapture, The Killers, Bloc Party and Artic Monkeys,

The latest band to have joined the fore are the 4 Scotsmen of The Cinematics. Their 1st album Strange Education was released in 2007 with the original line up of Scott Rinning (vocals, guitar), Adam Goemans (bass), Ramsay Miller (guitar) and Ross Bonney (drums). The album indicated potential ahead, with even stating that their debut release was “filled with inventive beats, memorable guitar riffs, infectious melodies, intense lyrics, powerhouse vocals, and plenty of post-punk angst.” No surprises that Strange Education had help from 2 super producers, Stephan Hague (Blur, New Order) and Simon Barnicott (Kasabian, Artic Monkeys).

There have been bumps along the way. Signed to TVT Records, it unfortunately filed for bankruptcy in early 2008. Much of TVT Records dissipated but their contract was luckily saved by NY based digital distribution company, The Orchard.

After the departure of guitarist Ramsey Miller arrived new guitarist Larry Reid (of Blitzhoney fame) and came their September 2009 release of Love And Terror- an album grittier and more mature than A Strange Education. Says frontman Scot Rinning in, “We haven’t been living in comfort with celebrity girlfriends while still trying to pretend life is hard so we can mine a rich field of disenchanted youth who are hungry for some morbid music to cry along with…It’s a real genuine honest album. The lyrics aren’t hiding behind metaphors.” With their 1st single of the same name, its time they finally get the recognition they deserve.

Love And Terror was released in September 2009 on Orchard Music. Have a listen at and keep yourselves updated at or follow them on Twitter at