Detonate: Suff Daddy

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Forget Jay-Z and Kanye hip hop; it’s time to make like mellow smooth with Suff Daddy. Hailing from Düsseldorf, Germany, Suff is currently one of the most talented new hip hop acts making music. (The “Suff” in his name translates to the act of drinking excessively or the state of being addicted to alcohol in German. Hic!)

Suff Daddy moved to Berlin a couple of years back and subsequently caught the beat bug. The Melting Pot Music artist has since worked with celebrated Swedish electro soul singer Kissey Asplund. Inspired by Tha Alkaholiks (care of his brother’s hip hop collection), Suff creates music that we can call drunken neo-boom bap, with microKORG licks and wicked sampling-a post-Dilla Detroit hip hop style that’s been made tremendously popular by artists like Guilty Simpson and Black Milk. Just like nutty producer and beatmaker Madlib, Suff is a loop digga, mixing space-like beats with underground funk from the 80s while adding a little bit of his own gloss. Suff’s current album, The Gin Diaries, is filled with beats, love and a homage to British gin brand Tanqueray. Together with friends Miles Bonny, Fleur Earth, Mariama, Mar and Kim Dunloop, he produces infectious tunes to create a collection of 13 musical stories.

Suff Daddy’s dusty beats mixed with his MiniKorg or Little Phatty Moog is perfect for that lazy day at the bar. This gin lover may not be reinventing music, but he’s definitely one of the many talented producers around who possesses the knack for soulful and groovy beats. And how could you not when you grew up to the sounds of Marley Marl, Large Pro, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Erick Sermon, Madlib, J Dilla and J-Zone?

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Image Robert Winter