Detonate: Random Alphabets

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Zain HD isn’t a musician and he’s not one of those TV personalities but you could say he has “moved” plenty of people. Remember the flash mob that went down in Pavilion a year ago? Or the Corntoz pillow fight? Zain HD, through his collective Random Alphabet was the man behind the plan.

Zain is what he described as an “alternative and online marketing consultant” but admits almost none of his work was a conscious decision. “I felt like either doing something or wanting to see it happen here. And because no one doing it, I did it. It all happened by default. Just like when you feel like having ice cream.” Except in this instance, what he decides to do on impulse attracts 1000 participants and makes local news.

Interestingly enough, Random Alphabets’ existence seemed to be something that just happened too. It all started when Zain was blogging from a social networking site. Zain says “a relative insisted I should make money from it by starting my own domain,” and he confesses that blogging from his new site and choosing it’s name was really all he did. Although the blog is now closed, Random Alphabets and its website have become a well known collective and a brand.

Most recently RA organized major events on 31 August. The Merdeka Train Party was an open invitation to decorate 7 monorail stations and party from one station to another. Simultaneously RA+D, a tee collabo project with the Delicious restaurant chain was also launched. In addition, Zain is presently forming teams for projects for several clients and will be overseeing the roll out of his tees under the moniker Random Attire.

JUICE asked him what he’d like to tell those who want to follow in his footsteps? “I would say don’t. Not mine or anyone’s. I think it’s rather risky to try to follow someone. You can adopt and absorb their qualities, as I have with universal flash mob ideas by innovation before executing it in Malaysia. But often people don’t realize confining themselves prevents and limits themselves and their potential. Nothing prevents you to be better than those before you.”

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