Detonate: P.I.T.C.H.T.U.N.E.R

Nowadays the term ‘indie’ conjures up images of swishy haired artists, dressed to fit the description. However, Pitchtuner has brought back the independent in which indie was intended. Pitchtuner exhibits rocking house pop on top of basic electro: smart and naive at the same time, striking by nature, freshly grooving and impulsive.

This German-Japanese electro band (consisting of Johannes Marx and Miki Yoshimura) of  has had almost 10 years of dancefloor experience, playing their quirky yet harmoniously infused sets across the globe.  Starting with their debut album Flight Up The Winding Stairs in 2002, which was slightly softer than present tracks, Pitchtuner have since found the path to dance music and are intent on making you go hard to their sets.

Their latest album Riding The Fire is an exotic combination of increasingly sharp sounds and compositions. Partly produced by Berliner, Moses Schneider, the album fills your eardrums with disco pounding tracks like ‘Super Sonic Ride’ and ‘Dance!!!’ that are riddled with strong beats and hooks that will keep you guessing what’s in store next. Despite the band’s new image, not all tracks are strictly electro, or in English. Tracks like ‘Madder’ and ‘Pop Komm Komm’ are layered with Japanese lyrics and cultural flare, unlike ‘Kill Me’ and ‘P.I.T.C.H.T.U.N.E.R’ which we guarantee you will dance to, and the album ends showcasing both tradition and talent.

‘Riding The Fire’ truly bares depth in the name, refusing to comfortably slot into conventional electro, this is one band that will not go mainstream. That being said, Pitchtuner are currently working on their 4th, club-orientated album which will continue to experiment with their distinctive self-built Midi guitars, control computers and samplers. Their refreshing, bubbly mixture will absolutely tempt you to drink in your fill. Gulp, don’t sip this.

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