Detonate: Holy Ghost

In 2007, after the fall of DFA-produced hip hop act Automato, Nick Millhiser and Alex Frankel regrouped and shifted towards dance music, ditching the bling and phat beats for synths and discoballs. The band was christened Holy Ghost-derived from the 70s soul funk nugget by The Bar-Kays-then the exclamation mark came in, as if flaunting their disco influences could somehow get them a gig in a funky blaxploitation flick.

In their early years, the band received much recognition for making a string of killer remixes for MGMT, Cut Copy and Phoenix, and touring with bigger names like LCD Soundsystem, Chromeo and Hot Chip. With several singles and a number of remixes under their belt, the disco enthusiasts became the DFA band to watch out for. They obtained support from DJs such as A-Trak and NYC The Loft’s David Mancuso for their widely loved and praised debut single ‘Hold On’, which led to mainstream support followed by the release of their first EP, Static On The Wire. iTunes named their debut single as Single Of The Week too.

Being passionate about dance music’s roots really shows in the way Nick and Alex funk up everything. The production and vibe of their songs might be nu disco but the underlining basslines, glittering synths and out-for-the-payback vocals give them that vintage soul. The Brooklyn-based duo release their first full-length album on 5 April, featuring guests such as electronic group The Juan MacLean, late LCD Soundsystem drummer Jerry Fuchs, The Rapture’s Luke Jenner, Penguin Prison’s Chris Glover and rock legend Michael McDonald.

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