350 Signature Cocktails Launch @ Desire

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If you’re a cocktail person, there’s more than one reason to be happy. In fact, at Desire there are 350 of them. JUICE was there recently for a media preview of the lounge-bistro-club’s new drinks menu. And our dads wanted us to be lawyers… *hic…

Since opening its glass doors 3 months ago, Desire has gained a reputation for, well, being desirable amongst those with a bit of class. But instead of being a predictable joint for fat cats, the venue seems to be flaunting its naughty side. Aside from drinks, we also had a taste of Jamain MC. The Perth-based female MC’s feisty lyrical delivery made most male rappers sound like accountants. No sh!t!

The cocktails that we tried (we didn’t get to taste all 350 of them – that would be suicide for the bartender) all had creative, suggestive names. Ranging from exotic (Cajun Martini, Flying Kangaroo, Leprechaun) to spicy (Tequila & Tomato, Bloody Mary) to light & easy (Gentle Ben, Scarlet O’Hara, Springbook, Weekender) to WTF (Golf Martini, Horse’s Neck, Salty Chihuahua, Anesthetic, Brain Hemorrhage, Cocksucking Cowboy, Quick F*ck); they were reasonably priced (most retailed at RM23++).

Shooters, apertifs, long drinks, frozen drinks or classics. Whatever your drink of choice is, it’s likely you’ll find it at Desire.

Desire is located at Asian Heritage Row, 60-64 Jalan Doraisamy, KL. Open Tues-Sundays. For more info, call 03 2691 3030 or find Desire@Manor on Facebook.