Designer Kit Woo Presented Dada-Inspired “Ready-To-Made” Collection At KLFW 2023

Malaysian designer Kit Woo presented his latest collection during KL Fashion Week 2023, called Ready-To-Made or RTW 2023-24. With this collection, Kit Woo aimed to take the brand’s audience on a profound journey with an anti-fashion manifesto.

Photos were provided by Kit Woo. 

For the uninitiated, Kit Woo was established in 2016 as a conceptual ready-to-wear label based in Malaysia. The brand focuses on garments made in various experimental design processes and challenges the notion of an outfit by pushing the boundaries of shapes and forms.

The “Ready-To-Made” collection is a direct appropriation of the word “readymade” from a series of artworks derived from Dadaism, an art movement of the European avant-garde in the early 20th century.

“For this collection, or in this case, I would call it an anti-art movement. The technique of readymade to fashion holds a significant relation to deconstruction by re-adapting garments in a way that almost makes it seemingly not wearable, but in fact, they can be worn multiple ways.” Said Kit Woo on this new collection.

“It is entirely up to the wearer to interpret the look. These pieces are interactive, experimental, and most importantly could be interpreted differently every time we put them on”.

Woo explained further, “This collection explores the playfulness of anti-fashion, deliberately shifting garments from front to back and vice versa. Garments have two neck holes that turn to the side and become another jacket, a bomber that was annoying to cut and construct but the outcome was so unpredictable even styling was an interesting process, every fastening of “tali” was an ‘Oh! That works too’ moment”.

“This collection also featured womenswear, although its rebellious nature would allow it to be worn by our more adventurous male clients. most notably the separating jacket-skirt and the separating jacket-dress. Those names are exactly what it means, jackets that turn to skirt and dress, and any other things that one could think of”.

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