Deluxe pres. Party Like A Rockstar, Make Love Like A Pornstar @ Aristo

Usually there will be a Clive (JUICE‘s sister magazine, except it’s got a man’s name, so do we call it our brother magazine? hmm…) model or 2 behind the bar serving wicked cocktail concoctions, but since that Thursday wasn’t your normal weekly Deluxe (we had a birthday boy in the house), the night saw leggy girls and beautiful people everywhere but behind the bar dishing out drinks.

We found the bevy of beauties mostly on the dancefloor working those mile long legs of theirs like a hypnotic display of love-making - probably made more fluid by the free flow of Moet courtesy of Patrick Grove, CEO of Catcha, our boss and the birthday boy! Being his ever willing slaves and minions we were forced to attend the party and yes, we were also forced to enjoy ourselves – don’t be fooled by our flushed faces and super happy grins, it was an act, we swear! There were also rumours that over 60 bottles of Moet, 10 bottles of Jack Daniels and 200 shots were put on his tab (we wouldn’t know that because we do not consume alcohol in front of our bosses). We were however informed by others that it was hard work drinking it all (heh) but by the end of the night the crowd was singing to DJ Chris’ mixes, dancing on the couches and having heaps of fun like true rockstars!

JUICE partied with singer Camelia, Maggie Abang Saufi (Camelia’s manager), DJ Donavan and a host of new people, who in our state of non-intoxication (hic!) fail to remember their names, although there is always love there.

Just look at the snaps here we had of the party and you will see the debauchery that took place.