Delphic: Counterpoint

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Manchester synth pop outfit Delphic may have only been together for a year, but they’re already tipped to be huge in the post dance world. Richard Boardman, Matthew Cocksedge and James Cook create their music on laptops before thrashing it out live, pitching in guitars, bass and drums. Their current single ‘Counterpoint’ is a familiar tune of letting go and finding yourself after a bad experience. Produced by Berlin-based producer/remixer Ewan Pearson, ‘Counterpoint’ breaks past forgettable dance pop and fuels itself with euphoric trancy effects and a polished production. The payoff is evident in the second half of the song when the drums and synths climax and the vocals convey real feeling and emotions without sounding too whiny or angry. With a debut album coming out later this year, romantics will have a reason to visit the disco again.

Feel the euphoria with Delphic’s ‘Counterpoint’ (R&S Records) at