Death Toll Rises To 41, Surpasses The Number Of Casualties In 1971 Flood Tragedy


The number of deaths in the recent flood has surpassed the death toll of the flood in 1971, one of Malaysia’s worst floods. 32 people died the flooding of 1971.

This time, 41 are dead while 8 flood victims are still missing.

Inspector-General of Police Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani, said in a statement that Selangor recorded the highest number of deaths. 25 people died in Selangor comprising of 17 men and 8 women.

Pahang saw 15 deaths with 8 of them being men, 5 women and 2 boys while Kelantan recorded one man dead.

Source: Bernama

Acryl Sani admitted that initial response of government agencies to rescue flood victims should have been better.

“Relocating victims in other states is easier compared to Shah Alam as it is densely populated.

“At the early stage, we were seen as slow (in responding), but things improved soon after that and we have worked to ensure that all victims are saved and food aid sent out,” he added.

The downpour last weekend has since affected over 60,000 people in Malaysia. Many Malaysians all over the nation have come together in assisting post flood clean ups and other volunteering work needed to assist the flood victims. Rescue and recovery missions are still on-going but the Malaysian Meteorological Department warns of further rain and thunderstorms expected in Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang on Christmas day.

The department also forecasts a monsoon surge from December 28th to December 30th that may cause non-stop downpour in Johor, eastern Sabah and western Sarawak.