David Bowie Once Sang in Bahasa (Indonesia)

source: David Bowie

You should be aware by now that David Bowie recently passed away due to cancer. This calls for an in-depth retrospective of the Starman’s decades long career, but that would require a bit of time – and we haven’t fully digested his passing. In the mean time, here’s a bit of career curiosity; on the Indonesian edition of 18th album Black Tie White Noise, the record that rejuvenated his creativity after a period of artistic stasis, Bowie sung ‘Don’t Let Me Down & Down’ in Bahasa Indonesia as ‘Jangan Susahkan Hatiku’. Reportedly, Bowie had an affinity for the country and its pop culture due to his close friendship with Indonesian businessman-artiste Setiawan Djody, which prompted the re-recording of the track in Bahasa.

Listen to it below;

David Bowie’s final album ★ (Blackstar) is out now.