Daria To DVD

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We were devastated when we found out the Beavis & Butthead spin-off of Daria had ended its run on MTV. Geek she may have been, but she was also the cool chick we all wanted to be. It was her I-don’t-give-a-damn and tongue-in-cheek attitude that we dug. And if the following news is to be believed we only have 1 more year before we get to hang wth her again! Yay!

Marty Day, the guy who runs Blast-O-Rama.com got hold of a copy of MTV’s The State and lo and behold! Turns out it ran with an ad promoting Daria the DVD next year! The screen capture above was from Marty. Hooray!

Meanwhile, this is Daria‘s 1997 pilot episode as shown on MTV! Wicked stuff.


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