Danish Skateboarder-Turned-Cannes Award Winning Director Perfectly Encapsulates First Heartbreak

Love is a fickle thing. One moment your world shifts and intertwine with your lover, and everything you think you knew about the world lays in the eyes of that person. The next day, you find yourself with someone new in the elevator that’s only there to fill that empty gap the previous person left behind. Your body is here, but your mind is elsewhere.

(source: screenshots from i-d.vice.com)

The award-winning short-film, SOUL LAND directed by Meeto Grevson – a former skater – perfectly captures the breathtaking moments and the gut-wrenching times that every couple goes through when they’re in love. According to i-D, the Copenhagen-based men’s streetwear collection, Soulland released this film as part of their new initiative to hand the reins over to ‘creatives’, which is why the script, casting and direction was trusted to Meeto.

SOUL LAND is a short film that will definitely touch you with its aesthetic romance that consists of hickies, love making, to soft sentimental moments. At the same time, it will remind you of the pain of when things fall out, like seeing someone you used to love be with someone else.

Upon its release, the film won Best International Fashion Film for the Copenhagen Fashion Film amongst other nominees like River Island & Blood Brother, and Lovewtqm by Katarína Chválová.

Watch SOUL LAND below:

“SOUL LAND” from PERSIA on Vimeo.

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