VIDEO: There’s Nothing Wrong With a Bit of Dangdut Reggae (via Classic Anime)

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(Update: Click here to watch the video if the embedded video below is blocked.)

Shōjo manga Chibi Maruko-chan (and its anime series) isn’t as much of a childhood staple around this part of the world as Doraemon and Crayon Shin-chan are, but anyone who’s seen or read it would agree that it can get pretty trippy – as children’s manga and anime are wont to be. Nothing exemplifies this more than this clip Indonesian meme aggregator/archives Semiotika adiluhung 1945 discovered; an episode of Chibi Maruko-chan where its titular character’s classmate espouses his love for dangdut, specifically, Campur DKI’s genre mashup ‘Dangdut Reggae’ (1990).

Watch it below:

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