Damian Mikhail’s Jelita

If you’re always moving to the rhythm of R ‘n’ B and feeling all loved-up after a good body-shaking session, then you should add another track to your list. Home-grown Damian Mikhail, has finally put his talent to record in a single named ‘Jelita’.

The former Soulstreet and V.E member may have produced and composed this catchy tune himself, but it was not without the help of fellow musicians like Rudeboy, ChamVE and AJ from Pop Shuvit all lending in their expertise. The single, which was released on Valentine’s Day, is undoubtedly a sexy, romantic piece and just like a John Legend CD, play it while you ahem… stay in bed!

If this single is candy to your ears, then coming your way is also Damian’s album release that the  JUICE sources say might feature some local heavyweight artistes. To take a step further, you could even sing like Damian here, just sign up for one of his vocal clinics at RM60 per class. Jeaaaliiiitaaaaa…. Alright, alright where do I put my John Hancock?

You can purchase Jelita by downloading at www.guamuzik.com.my or www.hishousemuzik.com. For more information about Damian checkout his Facebook profile under the name Damian Mikhail Seet.