Daft Punk: Tron Legacy Soundtrack (Virgin)

Daft Punk are well renowned for being innovators is the music world. So when looking to build some excitement for their latest movie, Tron: Legacy, Disney recruited the duo to create the score. With some of the most cunning suits in the world behind the marketing, this sh!t was hyped up more than swine flu. After getting our hands on the album, we’ve come to the conclusion that one thing they need to teach over at Disney is “Expectations Management 101”.

With the release of ‘Derezzed’ back in October it was starting to look like Tron would live up to the massive hype. Who didn’t salivate over the 1:45 min wonder that reeked of the Daft Punk we all used to know and love? It was the perfect revisit to all those French house sounds that we rocked out to just a few short years ago.

After taking a listen to the whole score, let’s give credit where credit is due; Daft Punk really stepped up and outside their normal sounds here. They’ve created a futuristic, emotion filled soundscape that might be great with the upcoming movie. Going from making beats in their bedrooms to commanding a 90 piece orchestra, Daft Punk has come a long way.

But with the aforementioned hype and the unpredictability of the duo, I was half expecting this album to bring peace to the Middle East or at the very least, an album full of ‘Derezzed’ type wonders. Alas my hopes and dreams lay shattered on the floor, because this soundtrack is … a soundtrack. While the short and brooding tunes may make sense when backed with a plot of a movie and the stories of it’s characters, it just kinda loses it’s way when you listen to it on its own. Of the whole album, two tracks can stand alone, ‘END titles’ and ‘Derezzed’, but the tracks clock in at under 2 minutes each and just like your ex girlfriend will tell you, that’s not a sufficient amount to time to get some satisfaction.

But maybe we jumped the gun here and this could all make sense with the movie? Or maybe its just an OK soundtrack for an OK movie by an awesome band?

Listen To: Derezzed, END Titles

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You can buy the soundtrack here. For all your Daft Punk news, head to the website.